Not a place to have the needle

when researching and adding locations to any story can reveal the unexpected. When investigating the Swiss National Museum I uncovered a harrowing fact concerning the grounds where this important building was positioned.

In the 90s the Platzspitz Park was known as 'The Needle Park' . Drug users throughout Europe made it their home, shooting up and snorting to their hearts content. It culminated at its height to believed to contain over 20,000 users.

More of this sorry story and a stain on the Swiss cultural history can be found here...Thankfully it has a happy ending

What a mess! Needlepark as it was in the early 90s...syringes all over the place!

Finally through the efforts of the authorities to help and treat addicts instead of persecution (the original failed attempts to clear the park) the park was cleared never to return.

This is how it looks today:

peace and tranquility..

And the Swiss National Museum looks perfect in the new surroundings:

Swiss National Museum at home in the now beautiful Platzspitz Park

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