Jack Case, former special forces now heads the Wraith team for LARA -Land and Air Reconnaissance Agency. A covert team, commissioned by governments worldwide to eradicate the dangers that are a threat to mankind. Invisible and with no official recognition, LARA constantly battles the forces of evil that hold the world to ransom.

Because whether we like it or not, the world is in constant danger of total destruction. This is their story.

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ISBN: 9781798484845


A quiet village in the Southwest of England, idyllic, peaceful and picturesque. Until death comes to call.


No suspects, no motive. But a cause of death that thrusts the world into chaos.


One man is tasked to uncover the evil and stop a threat desperate to destroy everything in its path.


Jack Case must travel across the Northern Hemisphere racing against time to stop the resurrection of a hell on earth.


And time is running out.



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An Ancient Curse and an epidemic thought to have been eradicated centuries ago threatens to decimate the human race.


The medical world is in turmoil as scientists battle to save lives.


The demands are clear; if the 24 are not heard, the disease will spread until every man, woman and child face certain death.


Jack Case and LARA must find the answers buried in messages in an ancient tongue and stop the 24.


Battling through treacherous ruins, inhospitable lands and impossible odds, Jack and his team face choices that could, if made incorrectly, set the world back thousands of years.



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A salvage vessel is found adrift in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The gruesome remains of the decapitated crew are discovered by naval investigators along with a chart of strange symbols pinned to the body of the dead captain.


With the help of a renowned treasure hunter, the symbols point to the Sohei, medieval warrior monks and their demand for the return of an ancient 16th-century sword, a sword that some say has been missing for over 70 years.


Meanwhile, in Paris, a delegation of Japanese businessmen is taken ill at a fine arts exhibition.  Nothing can be done to save them, as one at a time each succumbs to an excruciating death. 


This is only the start. Jack Case and LARA must stop the threat as the deaths of western delegates increases and the Sohei escalate their ferocity.


Does the sword exist and if it does, is it missing or is it hidden?


Travelling the globe with a small team of experts, Jack is running out of time as fear and uncertainty threatens to start a third world war 





The death of an Italian diplomat during a business conference in London shows all the signs of a political assassination until investigations at the scene discover an empty shell casing resting on a note that reads 'Thou shalt not commit adultery.'


Within days, a prominent businessman is killed travelling to an evening function in Los Angeles. The investigation uncovers a note in his pocket which reads 'Thou shalt not steal'.


A letter is sent to every world leader demanding that they repent for all of the sins in the world today. Demands that threatens each leader with the promise of punishment of biblical proportions should they fail. It is signed, Uriel.


Jack Case and LARA must discover the identity of Uriel along with his disciples, to stop the escalation of destruction as chaos reigns in the worlds largest cities.


During their journey, Jack makes the horrific discovery that the final act planned by Uriel is the total annihilation of the Earth.






Central Park, a beautiful summers day. Shelley used her day off to take baby Benjamin for ice cream. She left him happily licking his treat in his pram as she caught a passing jogger and ripped out his throat. She was careful to keep her eye on her baby as she was a good mother.


Laura and Brett were on their dream honeymoon in Rome, stopping at the Trevi Fountain to make a wish for their future. They kissed as Laura flicked a euro into the water. As Laura smashed Brett's skull onto the stone and held his bleeding head under the water, she waited for life to leave his body. She had never felt so happy ...


What is causing rational people throughout the world to carry out heinous acts without emotion or remorse? The only clue is an advert breaking into prime time TV worldwide. A 10-minute story of a zombie apocalypse finishing with the number 124.


As LARA begins to investigate, Jack Case has to make a decision that could change his life forever, bringing death to those he most cares for.






An Invitation to participate in a game.


A game where there are no winners.


Presidents, Prime Ministers and Royalty have all been invited. Refusal is not an option.


LARA also has an invitation. An invitation to participate in a number of challenges. Fail in any of the tasks and one of the other participants will die.


Jack and his team have to fight through each challenge to protect all the world leaders and at the same time find the madman responsible for this game of death.


The Gamesmaster.





After the American Airline AA429 crashes into the Atlantic Ocean with no survivors, news begins to filter through that a Chinese frigate is accused of shooting it out of the sky

In the UK, after two Chinese delegates are found murdered in their hotel rooms, news reports announce that an American diplomat is taken into custody charged with their murder.

Germany is rocked by an explosion at a busy market in Frankfurt killing hundreds of men, women and children. News begins to filter in that an English school teacher has been arrested and charged after claiming responsibility for the heinous act.

As world relations begin to crumble and demonstrations around the world escalate into violence to the brink of a civil war, LARA is assigned to investigate the sudden collapse of world relations.

As Jack Case begins to come to terms with the momentous task ahead of him, he receives an email. It is a warning to cease the LARA investigation and attached is the pixelated image of a head and shoulders.

As the image clears on his screen he recognises the face immediately and realises the task is bigger than anyone could have imagined.

The picture was of Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin.




A ransom note and a threat to begin a concerted effort to capture and murder the leaders of the European Union brings LARA and Jack Case's crack team of wraiths into a world of deceit and desperation.

A hunt for a lost treasure thought never to have existed and a mission to protect Europe's elite is only the start, as it soon becomes clear that forces are at work to punish the rich and famous for their elitist views and the privilege of wealth.

Jack must choose the right path to the treasure, save Europe and protect the wealthy while executing a dangerous rescue mission to save the father of a dear friend.

As the plot thickens it soon becomes clear that he must allow the hostage to die to have any chance of success.






As storms begin to decimate many of the coastlines of Asia and temperatures soar in the major cities of Europe, meteorologists around the world discover that parts of the ozone layer are thinning.

As the climates become erratic and thousands of people begin to perish, scientists, statesmen and fantasists begin to predict the end of the world, creating panic across the globe.

There is an escape; Blyth Newton, entrepreneur and billionaire playboy has brought the launch of his 'Trip Into Space' franchise forward and is offering salvation to two thousand people who would like to join him in developing life away from Earth.

A trip that would guarantee a new life from a world that is clearly dying.

LARA is tasked to investigate after the American President receives intel that Newton may not be the saviour he seems. Scientists and military personnel begin to perish as investigations into the depletion of the ozone uncover a threat, that unless defeated, will destroy the earth.

As Jack Case and his team race to rescue the planet they are thwarted at every turn, as crack military mercenaries are hell-bent on stopping them, to ensure that the end of the world is inevitable.





During the festivities of the Semana Santa, the brotherhood leave Malaga to begin their holy quest to Coco's Island, a quest that would bring many riches and favour from the Holy See in Rome. Boarding a flight from Alicante to Puerto Rico, Gregorio Santos had high hopes of one day serving the lord from the Vatican as part of the College of Cardinals, part of the Holy See. The recovery of the blessed Mary would be his ticket to Rome.

Ed Ryker, Director and Commander in Chief of LARA, is called to Rome to meet with Cardinal Personti, a member of the College of Cardinals. He is tasked with a covert mission, known by a chosen few, for the sake of the Catholic Church and the Holy See.

The Brethren, a group of Antipopes, have risen after two centuries to claim a lost treasure that includes the golden image of the Blessed Mary.

The whereabouts of the treasure of Lima, missing for centuries, had been uncovered by Gregorio Santos, as part of his quest for enlightenment and a seat within the Holy See. With the blessing of the Vatican, Gregorio and his brotherhood were tasked to search for the treasure.  They never reached their destination.

The threat of the Brethren finding the treasure and claiming it for themselves could cause repercussions throughout the Catholic Church and strengthen the Antipopes in their attempt to take over the Vatican. A threat that could bring down the church, start a Holy war involving every nation, and would escalate into a third world war.

Jack Case and his team, along with a treasure hunter and a representative of Rome, must find the treasure and defeat the Brethren before it is too late.



A traffic accident blamed on faulty traffic lights in the City of London begins a chain of incidents that stretch to all four corners of the globe. 

Indian Airways lose four aircraft as they plummet to earth killing all on board. Across the oceans, frigates are guided away from international waters into territorial seas. Ground to air missiles are sent to dispel the invaders, but after several frigates are destroyed and a threat of retaliatory action is threatened it is found that no human is responsible.

As world news reports on the escalating catastrophes developing across the globe, the networks are taken over by the image of a hooded man, his face hidden in darkness. A voice, electronically altered, booms through the speakers.

"World, hear this... In seventy-two hours the global network will be under my control. The global economy will be mine, transport will be mine, the technology you rely on to go about your daily lives will be mine. My demands are simple, reduce the worlds carbon footprint within the next thirty days by 5%. Succeed and guarantee a 5% reduction every thirty days for the next three calendar months and I will return some control. Fail, and I will obliterate a city each month. A city that will be uninhabitable for years, a lesson to those who fail to take me seriously. Here is a demonstration... do not doubt me. Raphael has spoken"

Jack Case is tasked to find the madman, after a nuclear explosion destroys an uninhabited island in the middle of the Pacific ocean.

In an impossible search, LARA must battle through deadly challenges, a game of cat and mouse as Raphael employs technology and his disciples to thwart them at every turn. Working blind Jack soon realises that, for the first time, LARA has no answers. They are destined to fail.